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An Ideal Sound and Heat Management Solution
Enjoy a cool and quiet drive with Thinsulate™ insulation system
With 3M's advanced micro fibre technology, its Thinsulate™ Insultaton System provides excellent noise absorbtion and heat reduction.
With reference to the test conducted by PSB Corporation in accordance with STM E90-97 "Standard test method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss of building partitions and elements", the 3M Thinsulate Insulation System is able to reduce the sound pressure level by an overall linear level of 20dB.
- Superior sound absorption for quieter drive
- Suppress vibration for effective noise dampening
- Excellent heat reduction for a more comfortable drive
- Established brand that is industry proven
- Patented construction that is high quality and resilient; Long lasting
- Repels water; Minimize deterioration and no moisture or mildew

Thinsulate™ Insultaton System application on different car body parts
Bonnet Door panel Door panel

Noise Pollution creates Stress, Anxiety and Health Concerns

The fact that we are surrounded by noise all around us in our world today is an increasing problem. To be able to concentrate during work or any other activity that needs concentration, one needs a quiet atmosphere. There are many disturbing factors even in our private area for eg sound or music piercing in through another room in the house and disturbing you when you would actually like to be in absolute quietness. Outside we are continuously enveloped in noise coming from all around us ie sound of cars, machines, loudspeakers, voices etc. Hence we are constantly surrounded by noise both in our public as well as our private lives.

Sound and Heat Insulation (1k materials)

It provides high levels of sound absorption in your vehicle subject to intense noise levels from voices and external factors. The purposes of applying spray-on sound insulation material in your vehicle is to:
• Reduce general noise level
• Provide for better driving environment
• Reduce echoes when communicating on your mobile equipment
• Reduce noise levels emitting from external or undercarriage during driving

Formed-in-Place spray-on insulation may be the only practical materials for insulating hard-to-get-at locations. The properties of such insulations are very dependent on the conditions that exist during application, on the nature of the installation and on the skill of our applicator.

The system becomes effective partly due to its installation. The spray-on process fills in cracks, irregular spaces, holes, vent ducts and around previously installed parts & component.

Coating surfaces of a vehicle with spray-on material provides thermal insulation and absorbs sound caused by reverberations. The insulation will cling to any surface that latex paint sticks to.

There are no compressed areas or voids to allow sound leaks or air infiltration. The insulation material forms a monolithic seal, thus becoming an integral part of the vehicle.

Rust Proofing

Protection that prolongs vehicle life and preserves its resale value
• Protect like new against abrasions from constant chipping on roads
• Prevent costly repair work due to corrosion caused by rust
• Reduce outside noise when used as a sound dampening coating
• Minimise maintenance on vehicle chassis and undercarriage

Protection that goes a long way
As a proud owner of your new vehicle, it is vital that immediate steps are taken to protect your costly investment, regardless if it is a brand new or used car.

3M™ Sound and Rust Proofing
For proven protection that lasts, request for your vehicle to be treated with 3M™ Sound and Rust Proofing.


What is it?
A multi-purpose, rubberised coating for undercarriages, wheel wells and fenders.

What does it do?
It is designed to protect metal from corrosion and abrasion. It can also be used as a sound dampening coating on door skins.

How well you decide to ensure that your vehicle is protected against harsh weather elements and rigorous wear-and-tear will determine the life of your vehicle and its resale or trade-in value.

If unattended to, serious and unsightly corrosion caused by rust, and constant chipping by stones, sand and road fragments will occur.

Thinsulate™ Sound & Heat Management Solution
Noise pollution creates stress, anxiety and health concerns
3M™ Sound & Heat Insulation
Rust Proofing

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